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The Program

Becoming a foster home for A Purposeful Life allows you to temporarily open up your home to a homeless dog or cat.  It’s a rewarding way to get involved in the journey of saving the life of a sweet animal, without the lifelong commitment. 


A Purposeful Life provides everything a foster would need, including medical care, vaccinations and food!  You just need to provide patience, love, exercise, guidance and a safe space for them learn how to live the life they deserve to live, with a family.

By showing them what it’s like to be cared for, to trust humans and simply to be a dog or cat, you'll provide them the foundation to transition into their forever home. 

Can you imagine what a homeless animal must feel like, suddenly being brought into a strange environment?  Accidents may happen.  Even a previously house trained dog might have accidents due to the uncertainty of their changing surroundings.  The animal might be shy and fearful for a bit.  Please have patience.

We will always make sure that an animal coming to your home is a good fit for you, your family and your lifestyle.  Sometimes they fit in so well that you might not want to let them go.  Becoming a Foster Fail happens sometimes and we secretly love when that happens!


The Process

It’s easy to apply to be a foster home with A Purposeful Life!  Just fill out our Foster Application so we can learn more about you, your home, and your family.  Our Foster Team will review your application. 

Please know that we have a fairly thorough process for both our foster and adoption applicants, and that the approval process does take time.  Our Foster team will be in touch as promptly as possible to begin the process, which includes a background checks, vet checks, personal reference checks, virtual or in-person home check, and a meet and greet.

Once we bring a dog into our care that we think would be a good fit for you, we’ll contact you to schedule a meet and greet.  If everything fits as we all hope, you can take them home!  We provide you with everything needed to make your experience easier.  This includes food, toys, treats, and any medical care until we find their forever home.  This could take a few weeks or a few months.  Our Foster Team will check in with you regularly throughout the time our dog or cat is in your care.  We'll be here to support you throughout the entire process and will always be available as a recourse to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Not able to foster full-time? Talk to us about becoming a temporary foster!  Whether its a holiday break, weekend, or even a sleepover, our pups would love to spend any time you can give them!  Email for more information.

Your Compassion is Needed

Apply Here to Become a Foster

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