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We strive to get our adoptions right the first time!

The pet you are considering to adopt is transitioning from a place they used to call home.  This transition can be a very stressful time for them as they are placed into unfamiliar surroundings with people they don't know.  Some animals adjust fairly quickly.  For some, it can take much longer.


With that being said, we encourage all our adopters to go the foster-to-adopt route which allows you to foster your new pet prior to signing the contract to adopt.  This allows the pet to decompress and adjust to your home.  It also allows you the time to be absolutely sure that this is the pet you will love for the rest of its life, no matter what happens.

Regardless of which route you choose, we are looking for people who are willing to make a lifelong commitment to our animals.

Please consider adoption very carefully, and consider the financial expense of pet ownership.  Be sure to talk it over with your family. A surprise pet does not make a good gift. Your new pet can be a 10+ year commitment so please make sure that everyone is prepared and on board to make such a commitment.

Please note: We do not adopt to outdoor homes.

Adoption Process

Thank you for considering adopting through A Purposeful Life Animal Rescue & Sanctuary!

This is NOT a commitment or contract to adopt.  It is for informational purposes only.

We are a 100% volunteer based organization who's volunteers also work full-time jobs, so please allow us time to review your application.

Please also note, we take the time to review each application carefully, to understand if the applicant is a good match based on the animal's needs.  If your application does not meet the requirements for adoption, we may choose not to move forward. 

If your application is approved but doesn't fit the needs of the animal you are applying for, we may have alternative options for you.  We are always willing to network with other rescues, to locate the perfect match for approved adopters and any adoptable pet.

Our adoption process includes (but is not limited to):


Background Check

Vet Reference 

Home owner/HOA/Landlord verification

Personal References


Home visit

Meet and Greets

Image by Marta Markes


  • We require our adopters to be at least 18 years old.

  • Applicant must have a valid ID and proof of residency.

  • A background check will be run on all adults in the home.  We will not adopt to anyone with a violent criminal history or any history of animal abuse or neglect.

  • Applicant must engage in all aspects of our adoption process including meet and greets and home visits.  A home visit is mandatory.

  • We require an additional meet and greet with existing animals in the home.

  • We require three personal references and a vet reference. (if you are a current or previous pet owner)

  • All pets in the home must be spayed/neutered and kept up-to-date on vaccinations.  

  • All pets in the home must also be kept on monthly preventatives or heartworm tested regularly.

* All of our animals will be spayed/neutered, microchipped, dewormed or fecal tested, current on vaccinations, and kept on preventatives..

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