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Capital Campaign

With your support we can continue our growth and goal to provide a permanent home for those less likely to be adopted.  If you believe, as we do, that our mission is worth supporting, please consider volunteering or contributing a donation today. 

We thank you for taking an interest in our future.

Our Future

Our goal is to purchase a piece of land, in Linn County or any surrounding county, that we can build upon as our resources allow.  This land will provide a safe and natural living environment for the animals in our care.  Our living facility will be designed to allow free roam for the animals that are behaviorally capable, in a home-like setting with furniture, a kitchen and volunteers present to teach them what it is like to live in a home.  In turn, preparing them for their forever families and providing a sense of purpose, to the people involved in our organization.

Image by Miriana Dorobanțu

Our organization is unique.  We intend to have separate living quarters for animals that are unable to safely live among other animals.  These animals’ lives matter just as much as any other and we want to provide them with a safe place to call home.  Each of these animals will have a room of their own which we will refer to as suites, with a door, furniture and toys to provide enrichment. 

Our land will provide several acres of running and playing space for both groups of animals.  Each group will be provided their own separate time to be outside, to sniff around, to run and play and to absorb sunlight and fresh air.  We intend to muzzle train our more fearful dogs, to allow for safe interactions with our volunteers as well as our other residents.  In some cases, muzzled dogs are able to form friendships with each other and safely play together.  This is important to the quality of life for these dogs so whenever possible, we will carefully encourage these friendships.


As our organization can secure the funds to grow, we will provide a separate facility for the cats in our care.  In the future, we also hope to gain the ability to construct a quarantine facility as well as an onsite medical center for our incoming animals.  This center will be utilized as a low cost spay and neutering facility for community members as well.  Likewise, we look forward to providing a visitor center which will include a small boutique and educational materials.  We will facilitate meet and greets on our grounds and hope to hold small, intimate events as fundraising opportunities. 

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Your generous gift is greatly appreciated!

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