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In Our Care



Gabe, a 4 year old, 21 lb Corgi/Jack Russel mix, joined the APL family after finding himself lost and being placed in a rural Missouri shelter.  No one came to claim him so he now calls Iowa home.  

This boy is nearly perfect!  He is gentle, loving and does well with other dogs and cats!  He is a bit shy and unsure about new situations so he is currently participating in Canine Good Citizen Training with our wonderful trainer!

Gabe will be placed for adoption soon so keep your eyes out for that!  He is going to make a wonderful addition to a deserving family.



Carly joined the APL family in June 2023 weighing in at 124 lbs, with severe hypothyroid disease and cruciate ligament tears in both of her knees.

Since coming into rescue, she has lost more than 34 lbs!  This weight loss was critical for many reasons including the regulation of her thyroid levels along with an appropriate medication regimen as well as the pressure being placed on her knees.  

Carly will be undergoing bilateral cruciate ligament repair at end of February and heal in her wonderful foster to adopt home.



Sadie, a beautiful 5 year old Aussie/Doodle, joined the APL family in January, 2024 after she displayed some anxiety with the energy of her toddler human sibling. 

Sadie lacked socialization with other dogs in her life so she has been working with our trainer on building these skills and meeting new friends, both human and furry.

Her wonderful foster family has taken great strides to ensure Sadie is set up for success!



Seymour, a 2-year old, 65 lb American Bulldog/Hound mix, joined the APL family after finding himself in the same shelter he landed as a puppy.  He was adopted out at that time but when he came back, he was a completely different dog. 

The shelter found that he had been severely abused with a partially healed fracture of his back leg.  They refused to return him to his previous owner.  He came to us to receive an important surgery to fix his leg and to live in a home environment versus a shelter environment.

Seymour will be a long term resident with us.  He is learning how to trust again and participating in weekly training sessions to help with this. 

Seymour may not be ready for adoption for quite some time yet.

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